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Entrepreneurs for Hire

Hire a young entrepreneur to work on a task/project for you.

(Services and prices vary depending on contractor & project. This page is intended to advertise individuals services and are not offered directly by The Center for Entrepreneurial Studies. CES is not responsible for any aspect of these services.)

Lauren Duvall

Graphic Design

Graphic Design services include (but is not limited to):

Social Media Banners
Social Media Icons
Business Cards

Consultation meetings are held to begin the project and review what the clients needs are. Work is charged hourly at a rate of 30$/hour.


Lauren can draw people, pets, plants, scenery, characters, and so much more. Works can be done digitally or with traditional mediums. Price to be determined based on the complexity of the piece. See images below for a basic pricing guide as well as a sample of the artist's work.

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