About Making Home Possible

Making Home Possible is a community project led by The Center for Entrepreneurial Studies. The purpose of the project is to solve a community problem, employ people, and provide internships.  


Franklin County does not have a Homeless Shelter or Youth Center.  Runaway and Homeless Youth are ending up in dangerous situations and are being influenced, manipulated, and sexually assaulted.  Youth are dropping out of school to babysit foster children and are groomed to perform illicit drug activities in exchange for basic human needs or a little money.

Our goal is to bring our community together to provide affordable housing to those who are homeless or living in dangerous situations.  We wish to solve this problem by building mobile tiny homes, which are safe, private, and comfortable spaces for our most fragile community members.  Making Home Possible will initially house homeless youth (ages 16-24) and plans to expand to serve other marginalized groups such as the elderly and veterans. 

Homelessness initiatives in Franklin County have been tried and failed for the last 20 years. Tiny Homes will resolve this issue once and for all to make for a healthy thriving community.

Click on the link below to see a video created by our friends Anthony and Isaiah of Fight Coffee!!
Thank you, Anthony and Isaiah!


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How can I help?

1. Donate to the Cause

2. Buy Fight Coffee!

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Millions of American drink coffee every day. By choosing to purchase your coffee through Fight Coffee, you can financially support The Center for Entrepreneurial Studies.

Based out of Maine, 100% of Fight Coffee’s profits are donated to anti trafficking organizations around the United States. When you make your purchase, be sure to select The Center for Entrepreneurial Studies as the organization you wish to support!

To learn more about Fight Coffee and to make a purchase visit their website at

3. Volunteer

Join our Making Home Possible volunteer team to help build Tiny Homes.  Your contact information will be used only for Making Home Possible related activities. 

Thanks for volunteering!

4. Voice Your Support!

We really want this initiative to be a community effort. If you or your business is interested in sponsoring/partnering with Making Home Possible, please contact Bonita Tompkins at 207-779-1779 or We can provide you with more detailed information about the project and sponsorships.


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