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Community Issues & Strengths

Community Issues

Like many rural communities, large and small, the issues we are listing are not foreign to any one of us.  Listed here are 20 different problematic issues.  Nothing here promotes healthy communities.  Please reference the Community Health Needs Assessment from 2018 which takes into account student surveys and perspectives.

  • Poverty

  • A lack of Support and Resources

  • Opioid Addiction & Illegal Drugs

  • Failing Health & Disease

  • Mental Illness & Depression

  • Lack of Opportunities

  • Homelessness

  • Military Parents with PTSD

  • Teen Pregnancies

  • Cold Weather

  • Alcohol

  • Students Leaving Maine

  • Human Trafficking

  • Aging Homes

  • Aging Population

  • Lack of Recreation

  • Transportation

  • Jobs

  • Legalized Drugs (Marijuana)

  • High Energy Costs

Community Strengths

We know that all bored students, no matter where they live, can find their way into trouble given the right conditions, however, if we change the culture and expanded opportunities for students and their families, in our rural community, we will be able to make a sizeable impact.

  • A beautiful school Campus

  • A lot of undeveloped land

  • Caring small communities

  • People who believe in Philanthropy

  • Small family businesses

  • Yankee Ingenuity

  • Independent thinkers

  • Political Support

  • Beautiful Natural Resources & Tourism

  • The U.S. "Foodie Capital" is in Portland Maine

  • Holistic and Positive Teachers

  • Good School Systems

  • Churches & Faith / Youth Groups

  • Innovation through Technology

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Grass Root organizations such as 4-H

  • Healthy Families for Mentoring

  • A lack of distractions

  • Sports / Outdoor activities

  • Living a Simple Life

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