At a glance

  • Former Entrepreneurial Program Instructor

  • From a family of U.S. Marines

  • Core Values - Hard Work, Integrity & Honesty

  • Former Boston Business Owner

  • Underdog Cheerleader

Bonita Lehigh


Mrs. Bonita Lehigh was a teacher at Mt. Blue Campus.  Bonita worked as an Entrepreneurial Program Instructor for Foster Career and Technical Education (FCTEC), which is the CTE division of Mt. Blue Campus.  In addition to this, Bonita worked on developing a Career Development Program and worked as an Advisor for the Mt. Blue Campus Yearbook for five years.   Bonita lives in New Sharon, Maine and is originally from North Andover, Massachusetts.


Bonita is known for her work ethic, her professionalism, her honesty, and her caring personality. Bonita’s mother, father, brother and uncle are all U.S. Marine’s and she is very proud of all of them and their valorous accomplishments.  Bonita attributes her caring nature to her mother Susan and her work ethic to her father William. 


Bonita’s has a very strong set of values which include, integrity, work ethic, honesty, and justice (social and business) and she often advocates for those who may not have the support or resources needed for success.


Bonita previously was the owner and operator of Williams Maritime Repair Service, Inc. located in Charlestown and South Boston, Massachusetts.  The company repaired chassis and containers for various International Shipping Lines at the Boston Port Authority.  The company was founded by Bonita’s father William and was developed into a multimillion-dollar corporation through their successful collaboration.  Bonita is currently working on developing a Center for Entrepreneurial Studies to be built with the assistance of students, staff, community members, and business partners within Franklin County.  Bonita and her students applied for non-profit status and received 501(c)3 status on June 27, 2019.