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CES Site Location Info - Beginning Site Images

McCleery House 3.jpeg

McCleery Family Homestead built in 1850 on Route 2 & 4 in Farmington, Maine.  CES's location is perfect to connect students and our community.

Property 7_edited.jpg

Future Site Plans include 4 acres on Route 2 & 4 as well as 18 additional acres in the back accessible from Whittier Road which will allow school busses easy access to the facility on a daily basis.  Future expansion is also a possibility.

What will be on our site?

  • The focus will be on these five (5) areas:

    1. Manufacturing​ & Robotics Centers

    2. Health & Wellness through Recreation / Indoor Sports Complex

    3. Culinary Center / Food Incubator

    4. Agriculture / Hydroponics to extend the growing season

    5. Commercial Real Estate with Satellite Offices for Financial Sustainability & Community Supports in a convenient location.

  • Picture a small village that has:​​

    • A Commercial Test Kitchen for students and entrepreneurs to utilize in developing their product.  The kitchen would be outfitted with a wood-fired oven.

    • Dining Facilities for entrepreneurs who are considering opening a restaurant.

    • Computers and Office Supplies to assist entrepreneurs and CES students.

    • Community Member Teaching Sessions bringing knowledge in different areas and bringing it all together.

    • A Large Barn for business maker-space.

    • A Gift Store for outsourced products and products created by students.

    • Shared Satellite Office Space for Business and Community Resources.  Potential subscribers could include an Attorney's Office, a CPA, Bookkeepers, Franklin County Adult Education, SCORE, SBA, Western Maine Community Action, Career Center, University of Maine Farmington, The Chamber of Commerce and much more.

    • Recreational Activities such as walking tours, weddings, fairs, concerts, petting zoo, archery, wellness activities (i.e. bungee workouts, aerial yoga).

    • Village Marketplace for entrepreneurs developing their business products and services.

    • Gardens and Greenhouses that will develop an agricultural program where students will be creating food for resale, food for the elderly, food for students, food for the homeless shelters.

    • Tiny House Manufacturing for transitional housing built by CTE students for resale and students who do not have support at home due to conflicts and issues within the home.  The tiny house project will expand once it's mission is fulfilled.

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