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The Story of Josh.....

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Joshua Shane Hennessy

At a glance

  • Turtle owner (we still have him!)

  • LOVED to Garden

  • An amazing artist

  • Orphaned due to drug addiction and raised by grandparents

  • Nephew to 11 aunts and uncles

  • Irish Catholic and Proud!

  • Core Values - Kind, so kind, very kind

  • Loved Sloths too!

I met Joshua Hennessy in early 2000 because he was my daughter Ashley's first high school boyfriend.  Naturally, I was intrigued to learn about this young man who caught my girl's eye.  I also knew the last thing Ashley wanted was me in her business but, I had to know just who this young man was.  I inquired and always got a vague answer, but as time went on, I learned that Josh's mom passed away when Josh was a mere 6 months old from the effects of AID's and opioid abuse.  Josh unfortunately never knew his dad either.  Josh was being raised by his grandparents who had raised 11 kids of their own for The Hennessy's were a BIG awesome Irish Catholic family.  As the years went by, Josh and Ashley remained together and they became a staple at one another's family gatherings.  Josh's grampy Maurice was always never to far behind because he was one of Josh's best friends.  

To be continued......

Joshua's Obituary:


On March 26, Josh lost his long fought battle with opioid addiction, and the world lost one of the kindest souls it has ever known. Josh loved his family, his friends and his pets beyond what anyone could ever imagine. Anyone who knew Josh, knew that they had a friend for life. His giving, loving and gentle nature emitted a light we all just absorbed, that just filled us up. That light will live on in us forever. Josh attended North Andover High School and Northern Essex Community College. He worked at various restaurants around town, and no matter what challenges he faced, he was always a very hard, conscientious worker. He loved going to work. Josh also loved gardening and took over his grandfather's passion when he passed away. He had truly lost his best friend, and honored his memory by restoring the garden each year (although we were never quite sure what he was growing down there). Josh was a true and exceptional artist. His imagination and talent for the smallest details and form was beyond creative. You could see his life in the smallest details of his drawings. It was his true calling. Josh was predeceased by his mother, Karen Hennessy; his grandmother, Marguerite Hennessy; his grandfather, Maurice “Moe” Hennessy; his great-grandmother, Irene Hennessy; his aunt, Sandy Lacolla; and his cousin and sidekick, Christopher Hennessy. He leaves behind a large extended family including Susan Hennessy and Ed Labore, Sharon Hennessy and Bob Novick, Lynn and Bill Mazurenko, Robert Hennessy, Donald and Maria Hennessy, Patrick and Andi Hennessy, Jack and Diane Hennessy, and Jim Lacolla. Josh also leaves behind his girlfriend, Kasey Pelich and his good friend, Adam Hardy, as well as many friends and parents whose lives have all been deeply touched by him. Josh leaves behind his cousins, Elissa and Eric Roy, Keri Hennessy Woolf, Mike and Jeffrey Hennessy, Nikki, Natasha and Billy Mazurenko, Kady Hennessy, Justin and Molly Lacolla, Matt and Danielle Lacolla, and Marc Lacolla. Rest in peace our sweet child. In lieu of flowers, the family asks that contributions be made to Merrimack Valley Substance Abuse through their website at so that we can try and help others struggling with the horrible disease of addiction.

Sept. 30, 1986 - March 26, 2017

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