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Thank you to our supporters, partners and mentors for supporting our concept.

Your expertise, support and mentoring are helping us to make our dream a reality. 

CES's services will help to grow our people and economy!


Client Comments...

"I dropped out of high school as a Senior because I just couldn't take the school environment anymore.  Mrs. Lehigh reached out to me, encouraged me, gave me ideas, and helped me throughout the entire process of opening my own landscaping and handyman business.  She changed my life through her kindness, knowledge, concern, and mentoring.  I will forever be grateful." - Mike R. (actual name concealed)

"I cannot even start to explain just how helpful Bonita was for me and my husband.  We own a couple of successful businesses but could not configure our finances to where it would work for filing taxes and for presenting to banks for business loans.  Bonita listened, asked questions, and led us throughout the entire process so we now have a complete understanding of how we can put our finances to work."  - Annie C.


Bonita paired me with a student to take on a tedious project that was important to my family and preserving valuable family slides.  Bonita came up with a way to attack the project and the student categorized the slides according to Bonita's instructions.  The outcome was amazing and we now can access these family heirlooms with ease.  Thank you Bonita!  We will be back next time we have a special project because we loved helping the students get ahead in life and seeing them empowered by running their own small business.  - William T.


Bonita is breathing life into our community again and I for one wholeheartedly support her and her students!  Thank you Bonita! - Anne D.

Bonita assisted us with reviewing operational costs so that we are able to assess and adjust our cost structures.  Bonita has an eye for detail and is a very trustworthy individual.  She is an asset to our community! - Cheryl B.

We hired Bonita and her students to enter data for our corporation.  The work was completed in an efficient manner and was above all accurate.  The staff performed well beyond our expectations.  What I liked the most was the manner in which Bonita deals with people.  She treats people the way everyone wants to be treated.  - Louis C.










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