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Phase 1

Phase one (1) will consist of proving out the need for the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies.  A great deal of research and time has already been dedicated to the concept and idea, however much more work needs to be done so that we can build our team of community entrepreneurs.  We have developed a retail store, a tool library, structures, and are currently working on commencing building Mobile Tiny Home's for affordable secure housing, a Greenhouse build, a home for those in recovery, real estate site development, and much more!

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Phase 2

Phase two (2) will consist of leasing the desired site for two years.  The house is in poor shape, however, the barn frame is solid.  The land is rich and the location is PERFECT to support the work we need to do for our community.

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Phase 3

Phase three (3) will consist of rebuilding the house, barn and landscape through a unique collaboration of students and the business community.  Bonita hopes to expedite this process through the hiring of graduates without college or work plans because Bonita will need help, as will the graduates.

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Phase 4

Phase four (4) will involve site development, which will include:


A Commercial test Kitchen for Entrepreneurs to create food-related products, Gardens and Greenhouses for organic food for local families in need, entrepreneurial needs, and resale purposes.  The creation of trails for recreation with inspirational gardens for those seeking essential virtues.  Manufacturing of income products and commercial real estate leasing.

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Phase 5

Phase five (5) will involve opening up the facility to the general public where community members can schedule a teaching session and events.  Events will include children and adults.  The center hopes to be open for an extended day program between 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. so that students can participate in entrepreneurial activities and catch the late school bus home.  

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